Roland Tong

It is important for international horses to be protected from viruses and bacteria in the stable and travel environment.  I use CleanRound yard wash to ensure my stables and horse box are also protected against common equine disease issues.” 

Ricki Hill

ricki-hill-monaco-gp“I trust CleanRound Shampoo to make my horses look and smell fantastic. Many equine shampoos can be harsh on both horse and handler when used regularly, but CleanRound Shampoo eliminates this problem – and with the added bonus of its anti-viral properties it provides me with complete peace of mind that my horses are in the cleanest possible environment. The horses smell so good I’m tempted to use it myself!”

  • Gold Medallist at the Under 18 Young Rider European Championships, Hungary
  • Gold Medallist at the Under 21 Young Rider European Championships, Copenhagen,Denmark
  • 1st – Young Show Jumper of the Year Award, Olympia, London
  • 1st – RBS Grand Prix, Suffolk
  • 1st – Grand Prix , Udine,Italy
  • 3rd – Grand Prix , Portimao, Portugal
  • 1st Grand Prix, Sunshine Tour,Spain
  • 1st Grand Prix, Deauville,France
  • 1st Biere De Garde Grand Prix, Bethune, France
  • 1st Grand Prix, Monaco, Monte Carlo – he was and still is the youngest and only British rider ever to win this class.

Ed Dunlop Racing

“We have been using CleanRound Shampoo for sometime now and have found it to be both an effective cleanser and to have definite insect repellent qualities, CleanRound Shampoo leaves the coat in a shiny and healthy condition. We have also found that it helps in the reduction of certain bacteria, spores and fungi and also helps us to manage any out breaks of Ringworm. Our racehorses have won many best turned out prizes when at the races and the use of CleanRound Shampoo certainly helps to make our horses stand out from the others.” George Peckham, Assistant Trainer to Ed Dunlop.

Chloe Aston

chloe-aston“After using CleanRound Shampoos I found my horses have a beautiful shine to their coat that lasts for days, they look so good!. With so many different fragrances it’s hard to choose which is my favourite, Orange peach, mmm!! It gives me peace of mind to know when travelling abroad, that my horses are protected by CleanRound Shampoo, Yard Wash and Rug Wash, and they are safe from strange horses coming in and out of the stables we use.”

  • 10 and under team Gold Medalist – SHPI
  • 138 Team Gold Medalist – Caven – HPI
  • Children on Horses Team – European Gold Medalist – Turkey 2007
  • Children on Horses Team – European Gold Medalist – Athens Olympics 2008
  • 1st World Champion – Columbia 2008
  • BSJA Show jumper of the Month – December 2008
  • Selected to compete in the Nations Cup Team – Reims 2010

Sally Iggulden

SALLY IGGULDEN – Chief Executive & Clerk of the Course Beverley Racecourse “CleanRound is a really effective product and the ground staff far preferred using it to other products we have used due to its non toxic smell‟.

Clive Cox – Lambourn Trainer

It‟s just nice to have a product that actually works”.

Hannah Musto – Owner

The shampoo is amazing!!!! All scabs removed from the pony’s hind fetlocks with very little hair loss. Just one shampoo needed. Then decided to tackle the dreaded black fungal infection that often plagues white hind shins. Nothing else has ever worked on it without endless attempts. One shampoo and rinse and all the unhealthy skin removed along with a bit of hair but nothing too drastic. Horse concerned dosed quite happily as I did it as minimal “scrubbing” required. Shins now look healthy and clean and very white!! Will it work on stained, yellow tails – I have an awful one belonging to a mare and nothing gets it clean. Will give it a try and let you know! I don’t know what ‘s in it Shelley but it’s quite amazing. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. x

Victoria Bridges – Owner

Horses rash….still not overly sure what caused it? Maybe a reaction to the ringworm cream or wash powder or even virkon maybe but the clean round has done a great job. The hair is growing back nicely and the area is not at all sensitive for him anymore. The first photo was taken before any use of clean round. The 2nd photo was taken 9 days later after using clean round for 5 days – We have a happy owner and happy horse!!!

Natalia Tomaszyniec

zdjecie“Hello. My name is Natalia, happy owner of 6 Years old Labrador Retriever Bingo who personally think that dogs like human beings also need love and care from each of us. They should be washed on a regular basis with the right shampoo. When it comes to choosing the perfect shampoo for your dog, it all depends on the dog in question. They have varying skin types just like human beings and that necessitates carefully choosing a good shampoo. Quality is always paramount and should never take a back seat. You should go for the best quality shampoo without putting too much consideration on the quantity, that’s why after using CleanRound I would never change Bingo’s shampoo again. CleanRound dog shampoo is made made using the most advanced technology, it kills bacteria and is not harmful to anyone or anything. Suitable for all breeds and all ages. CleanRound is a gentle (pH 7) and effective body shampoo that contains a patented biocide proven to kill a wide spectrum of microbes including gram negative bacteria and the aidenovirus, two main reasons for your dog developing kennel cough. It removes smells and odours but improves coat condition and shine. CleanRound Dog Shampoo also contains PMD Citriodra oil which is widely used as a natural insect repellent.The shampoo lather really nice and did a great job cleaning Bingo’s coat in a gentle way, leaving his coat nice and soft afterwards, not with a rough or dry feeling at all with luscious Lemon fragrance! Absolutely fantastic value for money product which I can recommend to anyone. The CleanRound dog shampoo is simply great for any dog owner, keeping your dog’s coat clean and in top condition with a great shine. Not only extremely affordable but do what they say on the tin.”


HorseWorld-Testimonial“We were very happy with the CleanRound DuoMax products. Whilst there was no scientific component to the trial, anecdotal opinion suggested the antimicrobial activity was as stated on the literature. The respiratory infection resolved most satisfactorily although there is no data to prove this success was associated with CleanRound DuoMax. There was no suggestion of stinging or skin sensitivity reaction to the animals when it was used as a body-topical antiseptic and the product scent was found to be attractive to the staff. There is little doubt in my mind that, at the right price these products would find a market in the private and professional equine market. Bristol based Horse welfare charity.” http://www.horseworld.org.uk/

Anna Bruce

“CleanRound’s Body Wash smells fresh, leaves the coat feeling soft and conditioned and mane and tail with fewer tangles, and was surprisingly good on stubborn stains. That it also has a biocide action gives me reassurance. Whereas I’ve felt a normal shampoo hasn’t helped with minor skin irritations that didn’t warrant paying for a dermatological shampoo, CleanRound can combat those irritations and prevent them from reoccurring and is the regular-use shampoo of choice for all horses on the yard. Disinfecting the stable or horsebox used to involve getting suited and booted with waterproof overalls, boots, gloves, goggles and mask but with CleanRound’s Yard Wash I realise that this isn’t necessary. The science says it’ll kill over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses so I’m reassured there but that it is economical to use, smells nice, is safe to handle and means I can pop the horse straight into the stable or horsebox means that I’ll not just use it to clean the yard but take a diluted spray for use in show ground stabling and transporting the horses too.” Anna Bruce, Journalist, trainer and competitor, Hampshire

John Killingbeck

“CleanRound products bring a new level of hygiene and bio security to the equestrian world. All Clean Round products contain Duo Max a new biocide which is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Used extensively in hospitals to kill resistant organisms such as MRSA these products are also ideal for use in stables. Supported by convincing science, Duo Max kills 99.999% of all common infectious agents such as the strangles bacteria and influenza viruses. Unlike many broad-spectrum biocides CleanRound products are non-irritant to handlers and horses alike and have no environmental impact. When cleaning your stables, CleanRound products can be used as a mist spray to clean and disinfect the whole environment. The stable cleaner will also be useful when visiting or competing away from home when the risk of infection may be greatest. I have used these products and can thoroughly recommend them to all horse owners.” FEI Vet John Killingbeck


“I just wanted to give some feed back on the shampoo. I have to say its amazing! Its the best shampoo I have ever used on my pony. Its the only product that I will now use on my pony as its the only product I trust. Its so quick and easy to use and it smells really yummy too! We like the pink one the most and it doesnt make your hands dry. I really am happy with this product and will continue to buy and use it in the future and tell all my horsey friends about it ! 😀 “

Shelley Perham- Consultant/Agent

Shelley knows the racing industry well and has chosen the CleanRound range to promote Bio Security Solutions to prevent diseases that can close a yard down. She understands the pressures of trainers and their staff who take infection control seriously; her aim is to encourage the industry to be proactive in preventing the spread of avoidable but critical problems such as ringworm and strangles.Regular use of CleanRound body wash for horses, rug wash for fabrics and yard wash for boots, tack, floors, walls and transportation provides an all-round safe environment. Now DEFRA-approved, CleanRound is available for use throughout the horse-racing world. Small investment, major rewards.

Richard Osgood

Richard Osgood, Clerk of the Course & Estate Manager Newbury Racecourse, says “We trialled the Yard Wash product Shelley provided us with for several months and have now converted the racecourse to CleanRound to increase our levels of bio security and support the racecourses green environmental strategy by using a non toxic disinfectant. The staff like working with it and above all it does the job it is intended for. As well as using it in the stables, we also use it to clean our equine equipment and are looking into its uses for disinfecting our floors and other areas of the racecourse as well as the Jockey‟s areas and medical room”.

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