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Show your customers that your yard or livery has bio security

What is CleanRound Clean?
CleanRound Clean is an association and membership register of an exclusive group of like-minded professionals in the equine industry and canine world, these are individuals and businesses who value the importance of introducing best practice bio security process and policy, into their every day life and business environment.

What is the benefits of  being on the CleanRound Clean register?
When your customer is looking for a way of protecting their horse form many equine health problems you want to make sure the yard you are considering placing your horse in livery at or the stabling you are using from a friend, or the box you are placing your horse in at a show, or the lorry you have hired to deliver and collect your horse, or the equestrian centre you are competing at, or the racecourse you are running at, have a “CleanRound Clean” best practice policy in place and are using the CleanRound product range to implement the highest level of bio security. This will reduce the risk of spreading un wanted problems to your horse or animal.

If you or your business is on the register you will be offering something that has a value to everybody that has an interest in animal welfare, it costs you nothing to join! if the register is looked at and you are listed it sets you or your business above the competition that don’t register and have not got the desire to introduce bio security and best practice, it will make the difference! the difference is the increased revenue you might benefit from and the increased well being of the animals in your environment. if your customer can save on Vets bills it has to be a better for all concerned.

How do you get on the register?
Its easy to register, you just have to order the full range of products and use them in your business, livery or yard. When you place your order and request registration on the CleanRound Clean database you will be listed and promoted on the CleanRound website.

What do you get when you register?
You get the following literature labels and certificate:

  • CleanRound Clean – Certificate of registration
  • CleanRound Clean – Lorry, horse box window stickers x 2
  • CleanRound Clean – Transfer sticker
  • CleanRound Clean – Members marketing logo’s

Clean up your act and become CleanRound Clean! – Can you afford not too?



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