CleanRound offers you an eco friendly, nice to use product range, that will clean your horse, yard, stables and lorry! Kills 99.9999% bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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CleanRound Shampoo is a must for any Horse owner, if you are a professional or Just a horse owner it’s essential to make sure you use a good product to wash your horse with? Not only is CleanRound Shampoo a great shampoo that leaves the coat, mane and tail in a shinny condition but it also kills any Ringworm or Strangles bacterium the horse may have come in contact with. It’s Clean, smell of either Strawberry, Peach or Cedarwood is Eco friendly and economical to use.
For 1 week only you can get a discount of 25% off your Shampoo purchase when you order and enter the following code cr120614 on line! Don’t miss out buy now while stocks last?

Alice Oppenheimer at Wellington Riding


CleanRound went to watch Alice Oppenheimer taking part in the Dressage event held at Wellington Riding last week! It’s good to enjoy a well organised event where everything just flows nicely and the place feels relaxed but the competition is fierce.
Everybody taking part was looking to win and the standard was high as expected. Alice and Mum Sarah were working well together, they were both winners with first placing for Alice and best Groom for Sarah. Alice has several very exciting Horses coming through, which will produce great results for all the hard work being done at Headmore Stud.
I am looking forward to my next initiation to watch the team in action.

Patchett's at Bury Farm Show Jumping


What a great industry this is? Ther are several very professional Equestrian Centres around the country and we have two of the best close to each other these are Bury Farm in Slapton (Bucks) and Patchett’s in Watford (Herts)

They both have well organised events through out the year across all disciplines which are always well supported. It was great to see the Team from Patchett’s having fun and relaxing in the heart of the competition. The picture attached says it all especially the look on Stuat’s face? It looks like he has been told off again!! Only joking! What a good sport he is!
Make sure you support local equestrian Centre whenever you can.

CleanRound With Greenacres


What a great day to be at Patchett’s Equstrian centre? the sun was shining and the Show Jumping going well for the team from Greenacres. Penny Cornish had a few moment to relax before the Classes started. It’s not often you see them relaxing and enjoying a moment together. this is a busy week for the Yard as they are at Bury Farm early tomorrow. Good luck Phil and Ben in the Classes.

CleanRound visits Addington


Monday saw the end of the 3 day Addington show jumping event, Good to see the professionals using CleanRound Products. Ricki Hill won in the afternoon and Georgie Crumley in the morning.
Winners always use CleanRound!!!

Congratulations Billy!


Billy Twomey, has won another Grand Prix in Belgium last weekend. Congratulations from CleanRound! Champions use the best products to keep their horses in tip top condition! yes Billy used CleanRound!!

CleanRound GMBH


The launch date for CleanRound Germany has been delayed until the end of May 2014. Thomas Muller owner of the company has been waiting for the website development to be completed and tested prior to going live.

CleanRound Website up and running!


The launch of the new website went well! All orders processed as normal! The site is much easier to navigate and includes more information about the science behind the products. Bio security is key to animal well being! Have a look and place your order !

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